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Default Re: Overclocking the 6800GT...

Originally Posted by TB303
Hi People,
I have a good old trusty XFX 6800GT that now barely "pulls" in modern games. So the time is now to OC it and hope for the best.
I replaced the old and faulty fan with an Accelero X1 - and now the card idles at 55c and reaches 65C at load while running (425/1050)!

Anythign higher than 425 - Core and I start seeing artefacts. However the low temps, suggest there could still be room for improvement. I'm wondering if the card is runnign out of juice and if I shoudl bump the voltage, it's currently 1.60 I can do 1.65 in my Mobo's (AV8-3rd eye) bios.

Another thing which may be affecting stability is the fact I OCed my CPU - an A64 +3000 @ 2475 - it results in the AGP bus running at 68Mhz, and I could potentially get it to 70Mhz

Please share your thoughts,

Many thanks,
Your overclock to 425/1050 is very good for a 6800gt !

Achieving higher will require both Vcore and Vmem to be increased. Vcore can be increased from 1.3v default up to either 1.4v or 1.5v via a simple bios mod using NiBiTor; whereas increasing Vmem unfortunately requires a hard mod on the card. And all of the information to do so is readily available in this and other forum's ---> just search/google for it ?

However, with the 6800gt it's not exactly Core Volts or Temperature that's your enemy, it's more usually the card's poorly designed and thus weak Core volts regulator that decides how far you can push things. And over the years many people have found that only increasing Vcore to 1.4v was enough to way overstress and prematurely kill their card's core volts regulator ---> worth keeping in mind if you decide to go this route ?

As for your mobo's current overclocked 70Mhz AGP bus, you should be able to safely run the bus up to around 80Mhz !

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