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Default drivers nvidia with SuSE 9.2 and CG fx 5200 DH (slot PCI)

Hello all

It seems that there is an OpenGL problem with all the nvidia drivers and a PCI graphic card based on geforce fx 5200 DH (from Gainward). I well say, it seems ...
This CG is put in a PC HP dc7600c (P4) on a slot PCI. I need OpenGL for graphical softwares such as Hypermesh. I tried the driver 1.0-7676, 1.0-9639 and the two last ones available on the website. In the xorg.conf, 'nvidia' is the driver, one of the loaded modules is "glx" (among dbe, type1, freetype, extmod and v4l) . In all the cases, with a 16 bits display, glxgears returns only 1258 fps !!! with a 24 bits display, I can get only 762 fps !!!! It should be faster .... According to glxinfo, the direct rendering is : YES. But Hypermesh doesn't not work ... (remote display). To my mind there is a problem.
All the driver were installed like this : sh NVIDIAxxxxx -q -n (because of SMP kernel 2.6.8-24.20-smp, as indicated by nvidia). The is 6.8.2-35-1.
Do you have any idea about such a behaviour ?

Kind regards

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