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Default Re: Wow- Whats with these bugs?

When I was doing some quests in WPL a couple months ago, there was a big bugged elite mob inside the inn in Androhal with the guy for the series of quests leading up to "the battle of darrowshire". It startled me at first, though push come to shove I coulda vanished, but it just stood there motionless. It was probably a server reset or something before the thing vanished.

This is of course why I was surprised when some were acting like "Wrath of the Lich King" would be comming out soon (checked with Gamestop, it's more November next year, not the Jan or Feb some made it sound like); as I was like "wait? It hasn't entered beta yet, right?" Until beta testers get there hands on it, who knows. And the increasing number of bugs makes a sooner release seem less likely, and a possible delay seem more probable. But then again if EA Games merges with Blizzard, it might just get "rushed out the door", and released sooner, bugs and all.
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