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Default Re: Socket F, mcp55, mcp65 and drivers.

I've got an MCP55 board, an MSI K9N Platinum (nForce 570 Ultra). sata_nv works just fine, however, this means that I can't use NCQ with my hard drives, as it's not supported by the driver.

According to the Linux SATA status page, "newer nVidia chipsets are AHCI", but nothing I can find on the internet says how new these chipsets must be. My board dates back to 2Q or 3Q 2006 . . . is this new enough?

I tried compiling only AHCI SATA support into my kernel (2.6.23-r3), but it fails to boot, giving the dreaded "VFS/root not found/give a valid device" message -- meaning it seems that sata_ahci isn't the right driver. I changed it back to sata_nv and it boots up just fine, albeit without NCQ.

Is this normal? Should MCP55-based boards work with AHCI, or am I stuck with sata_nv? I'd really like to start using NCQ with my RAID array.
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