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Default Re: Help overclocking my quad core?

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
Also, run your memory at a slow speed to match the CPU, take it down to 667 stepping speed or even 533 stepping speed to match a 1:1 ratio with the CPU. I acctually gained performance by doing this. The memory runs slower, but in sync with the CPU and at tighter timings.
Interesting. What exactly do you mean by 1:1 ratio? Are you referring to the memory FSB multiplier? If so, it seems the lowest mine goes is 2.5.

EDIT: Nevermind, the list isn't in order by multiplier in my GA-P35-DS3L board's bios. Seems to go anywhere from 2.0 to 4.0 in increments of .5, with a few increments of .1 under 3.

Right now on my Q6700 I am testing my FSB at 366mhz, CPU therefore running at 3.66Ghz and the memory is at a 2.5 multiplier, so its running at 915Mhz.
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