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Default Re: Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

To those who mentioned ugly shadows, I have updated my second config above that fixes this. To those who already are using the config here is what you can do to get better shadows, and a couple more FPS!

Delete the following lines from the config.

e_shadows = 1
r_ShadowJittering = 1
e_shadows_max_texture_size = 256
r_ShadowBlur = 0
e_gsm_lods_num = 4
e_gsm_range = 3
e_shadows_cast_view_dist_ratio = 0.4
r_ShadowsMaskResolution = 2
e_shadows_on_alpha_blended = 0
e_shadows_from_terrain_in_all_lods = 0
e_gsm_cache = 0
They will all be in the same section. Now when you fire the game up just set shadow quality to medium in the advanced settings menu.

After doing this the shadows looked a lot better, my framerate went up a few FPS , and the shadow issue in the last level is fixed! Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you.
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