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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by jolle
Man, this new spam form is making the game almost unenjoyable.
I think they use some sort of automated process to create a lvl1 human warrior, invite people from the "who" list into a group, spam in part chat and disband, invite next in list etc.

Which means I get 5 concurrent group invites every other minuite or so.
A quick fix is to put the character on Ignore, then after 5 mins it seems they have deleted that char and created a new, cause a new name (again, lvl1 human warrior) will spam group invs..

After playing a full day with this going on and on and on, no matter where in the world I am, its getting PRETTY DAMN OLD!!!
They should put in a restriction so you cant Party Invite until lvl2 or 3 or something to prevent this. (no doubt they´ll find other annyoing ways along side the usual shouting in the cities, spamming trade channel etc)

I belive they´re spamming about some cheat tool, some website.
Didnt really pay attention to what they said first time it happened and I accepted the invitation.
That sort of spamming tends to drop off as you get more levels. They seem to be targeting the newbies, who I guess they are thinking are more interested in buy gold or whatever.
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