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Default Re: Help overclocking my quad core?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Interesting. What exactly do you mean by 1:1 ratio? Are you referring to the memory FSB multiplier? If so, it seems the lowest mine goes is 2.5.

EDIT: Nevermind, the list isn't in order by multiplier in my GA-P35-DS3L board's bios. Seems to go anywhere from 2.0 to 4.0 in increments of .5, with a few increments of .1 under 3.

Right now on my Q6700 I am testing my FSB at 366mhz, CPU therefore running at 3.66Ghz and the memory is at a 2.5 multiplier, so its running at 915Mhz.
What I meant by that was my FSB before the multiplier is the same exact speed as my memory before its multipler. For example I am running my FSB at 350MHz (350 x 4 = 1400Mhz FSB for the CPU) and my memory is running at 350Mhz (350 x 2 = 700Mhz for the memory speed). On my motherboard in order to get this I use the PC-533Mhz stepping for my memory. This keeps the memory speed and FSB in sync with each other. It does not make a huge difference but I did notice small performance gains by running the memory in sync (which in this case is 100Mhz below its rated speed of 800Mhz) and with tighter timings. Its a trick that used to work wonders back on the old XP line of AMD CPU's... does not appear to do as much now, but the same idea can be used to get higher overclocks by stepping your memory back in the motherboard to get higher FSB speeds without the memory being your limiting factor
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