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Originally Posted by gulizard
DarthBeavis is the nicest of ways said to you simply, that you have good points, but the way you act and yes you do act an ass, is completely unacceptable. I mean theres several times where you went as far as to insult someone elses IQ. Either way I do not care - to me you're just another kiddy here trying to start trouble.

You did say some incorrect things, that were completely off the wall. One of them included you saying nvidia would not continue making chipsets for Intel. You had no proof, and that to this day is still completely false. However until you realized this you called us, dumb, and stupid. I come here to post, if I want to fight I'll go back to Detroit and hit the streets... Seriously I would think you'd of matured past that but the proof is all in your post that you WERE and still are an ass. Simple fact is anyone who didn't BELIEVE what you said you quoted them and called them names. You're post would start out belittling them, and that to me inappropriate. Thats not what none of us are here for.

DarthBeavis never said nadda bad to you as I recall - he tried to explain to you why no one liked your post. I guess some people didn't really bother reading them or we'd have more feedback here. Personally I don't care at the time I made this thread, I did it to get you off the boards... No one likes an ass, and that is exactly what you are. The conspiracy theory you MADE was the one above nvidia being done with Intel, when that was not the case. You can't expect to make a thread like that and not have people post their own ideas, which is what happened. No one wanted to accept that their 680i boards would not run the new quad core processor out, and they looked for reasons, and thats when you became an ass again. I say again, because in previous threads you said the same things...

Then you had the out right nerve to be on another forum, I believe it was SLI zone, and post information and ideas from this forum, the very same ones that you quoted and belittled. You seem to get off on being right. I guess we should pin a medal on you, and seriously "you got owned" thats pretty childish. Further more proves you are nothing more then a kid.

There you go fabricating things, again. Until you submit evidence, as I have, then I will just assume them to be defaming remarks. I never used any ideas on this forum on SLi Zone. I only posted that the QX9650 didn't work. Submit proof, or keep making things up. You know, you've fabricated about 20 things about me, all of which appear to be hearsay and speculation. Further, do you find it awkward that I knew the QX9650 wouldn't work on the 680i before it was announced? I think you need to figure out who you're talking to before you, a simple consumer, goes and makes remarks against people with degrees in the field. I'm not mature? You started this posting in feedback. You act so hard but all you are is a nark. Do you last long on the streets of detroit by calling the cops? This is the same thing, nark. " I was trying to get you banned. " Go rat people out, punk.

Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of themself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor.
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