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Default Re: Arguably the best Crysis video I've ever seen.

Originally Posted by LORD-eX-Bu
source is the answer for everything
Crytek 2 is really strange engine. Having Dual or Quad core doesn't make difference. Having single or sli or quad GPU doesn't make a lot of different. Going from High to Medium whatever doesn't make a lot of difference. The game is crap from technical point of view. What you see doesn't tell you how is well coded. Maybe, i'm bitching about it too much...but i have to because people give them credits which they don't deserve.

'Simply put here what i'm talking about:'

Here are two simple codes:

Version I

If Condition = 'A' Then
do something....
End If

If Condition = 'B' Then
do something...
End If

If Condition = 'C' Then
do somethin....
end if

Version II

If Condition = 'A' Then
do something...
elseIf Condition = 'B' Then
do something...
do something...
end if

Which code will execute faster...of course Version II.
Version I is what Crytek coded in their game...don't take it literally...

I think i made my point...
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