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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

I've been working and dabbling with this Hauppauge HVR1600 card and it basically sucks so far. I've tried both WinTV and MCE with a coaxial and S-Video input and nothing works! None of the channels are being picked up and MCE is having a dang heart attack because I don't have a remote hooked up. WTF?

I'm really hoping that getting HD cable on your desktop/HTPC isn't this big of a PITA. I really wanna get my HTPC up and going soon but if getting my channels to my HTPC is going to be this bad, I might have to scrap it for a little while.

EDIT - Finally got it working in Vista MCE with my Comcast STB. Quality is TERRIBLE compared to what the STB does. I'm very disappointed in this card and it will probably be returned here soon. Can anybody recommend a better card?

EDIT X2 - Got the Firewire working with XP. Only digital channels work but I can only view, no recording works.
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