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Default Re: Crysis at absolutely highest settings

yeah if you think crysis is coded poorly.. uhm.. lol.. yeah, you need to
seriously consider Crytek and what they've been doing for that last several years...

this game is full scalable, that's probably aside from the graphics, one of
the best things it's got going for it..

in 6 months, or a year, when people have the hardware people will be running
it at it's highest settings, and it will run without at hitch..

until then, it's actually VERY playable in DX 9 with the DX 10 content enabled..
(with the right hardware) and it's utterly amazing gameplay and graphics..
(30+ fps average with tweaking)

and for those who understand gaming, and are able to look at things without
expecting to have the big bang all over again, should be damn well impressed..

hell, even if you don't understand gaming..
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