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Default Re: What flavor are you using?

Originally Posted by Wolfhound
IŽll surely be a geek, love gentoo linux, compiling everything for my machine, I know it is not more faster than other precompiled distros and it takes a lot of time but is a nice distro to learn everything about linux, config files, compilation issues (can be really frustrating sometimes) and reading manuals
I did a stage 2 compilation back when the athlonxp 1700 (I think that was it) was new...It made me a little crazy .

I've often thought of putting together another box for the sole purpose of doing a stage one. Very difficult to beat Gentoo for the learning experience, imho.

Lol, I actually tried a "stage 1 " compilation off of debian recently. After 2 days of trying to figure it out I installed Ubuntu.
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