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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

I've been looking around AVS and a few other websites just to see what card would be best to get in my situation . . . but here's the catch. Most people just do OTA HD channels to record them, they don't run off of a cable box. I tried doing the OTA HD channels last year and I can't get them where I live. So I guess I'm a little screwed.

Sorry for posting so much in here, I just really wanted to get this thing to work.

Basically, the Tuner card doesn't work worth jack sh*t but the cheap FireWire cable finally does playback and records up to 1080i. However, when I get my HTPC built, I want to be able to run everything under Vista MCE and this Firewire trick won't happen under MCE, but just in VLC.

So if anybody can recommend a card that will watch/record from a Comcast cable box with perfect quality and that works in Vista MCE, please tell me.
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