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Default Re: Arguably the best Crysis video I've ever seen.

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227
Crytek 2 is really strange engine. Having Dual or Quad core doesn't make difference. Having single or sli or quad GPU doesn't make a lot of different. Going from High to Medium whatever doesn't make a lot of difference. The game is crap from technical point of view. What you see doesn't tell you how is well coded. Maybe, i'm bitching about it too much...but i have to because people give them credits which they don't deserve.

'Simply put here what i'm talking about:'

Here are two simple codes:

Version I

If Condition = 'A' Then
do something....
End If

If Condition = 'B' Then
do something...
End If

If Condition = 'C' Then
do somethin....
end if

Version II

If Condition = 'A' Then
do something...
elseIf Condition = 'B' Then
do something...
do something...
end if

Which code will execute faster...of course Version II.
Version I is what Crytek coded in their game...don't take it literally...

I think i made my point...
First off those two snippets of code are different... And I don't think they will run any different from each other....when they are compiled the result will be the same....

And hasn't it been shown that SLI offers HUGE improvements? Or am I just crazy....I thought it was like 50% increase over single card...

going from High to Medium makes a HUGE difference....I don't know what you're talking about. You need to stop complaining about Crysis because from what you've shown us, you know nothing about it. And your posts are inconsistent from one thread to another.
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