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If you have no experience with Linux and X window i would skip it.
Then you don't have to worry about any graphics drivers, graphics cards,
monitor datas, resolutions, and refresh rates at all.
Install the midnight commander (mc-package), it is a very usefull
text-mode based file manager. It looks a bit like the old
Norton DOS commander. You can read rpm, tgz files, etc, copy files,
etc,... make sure that you have installed the rpm package manager, and the
tar program, though an ordinary installation (also without X)
of Linux should do it for you automatically.
Read the README in the nvidia GLX-package very carefully. Especially about
the methods to generate the XF86Config file !!
If you have mc installed, move the beam on the package file and just
press Enter. The README should be located in .../usr/share/doc/ , press F3.
And do also read the X Window and window manager related stuff
in your Redhat manual.

In the next step install the X stuff (including windowmanager)
for a standard VGA card, 16 colors and 640 lines resolution (60 Hz refresh).
This should work with your card and monitor as well.

Reboot your computer and login as normal user. If startx comes up with
your selected windowmanager just finish X by Ctrl-Alt-Back.
logout and login as root.

Install nvidia packages according to the README and generate the XF86Config
with a good utility program.

The last steps are tests and fine tune, do also take a look
at your monitor user manual.
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