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Default Re: TV-Out Card Choices (HDMI/DVI/Component)

Well, after much looking, I believe this product:

looks just overkill enough. I understand that the digital audio over hdmi is not currently supported under linux, but the possibility that I might be able to use that feature in the future is enough to motivate me to pay a touch extra for it now and not regret not having it in the future.

As far as 1080p over component vs 1080p over hdmi/dvi, this is a topic that often gets flogged, and each seems to provide ups and downs. I don't believe that it's within the scope of what I want to discuss here.

The docs provided with the nvidia driver states that TVStandard can be set to HD1080p, and as that setting controls the TV-Out connector on the cards, I'd assume that means it can do it over component, which is the highest quality of the TV-Outs supported.
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