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Default Re: Installed the wrong Nvidia driver in Ubuntu and the screen went white after reboot

Originally Posted by yd105
after installed the Nvidia Gforce 460 go driver on the Ubuntu on my lapton,the system rebooted as required and afterward the screen went blur and white that I cant see anything in the login window but hearing the background sound and i could still try to type the user name&password and get into the system but still nothing but the whole screen is white stuff .....
I think I choosed the wrong the driver from the Graphic setting in the beginning....and is there any I can get recoverd?................wuwuwuwuwuwu
Don't know how Ubuntu does it but on every Debian install Grub is setup to give you a recovery option in the boot menu. If you choose this option then you boot to a recovery (single user init 1) shell where you can login with your root password and fix any problems like this perhaps Ubuntu offers this option and you can install the correct driver change the xorg.conf back to the nv driver then reboot with something like shutdown -r now. Alternatively you could boot with a live CD mount your / partition then change your xorg.conf back to nv then try to install the proper driver.
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