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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

I just have to mention this, gah And it's enough for me to not only go out to eat now; but send a trouble ticket into the GMs before going... Thing is, all except those doing it, have long since grown tired.

It's another one of those things that wasn't around when Gilthanas was; has got rather out of control at times, and it's the absolute channel flooding. It's made it, so the only viable options are to either ignore chat altogether when in cities because it's impossible to follow anything anyhow, /leave trade, avoid cities altogether, or go.

It started about a month ago with people putting "murloc" into every statement, while posting one liners with murloc in every movie title known to man. Then it got added with people speaking like


till it fills 4 or 5 lines of text; yes caps and all. The first time this happened, came back to town, they're still doing it, some 5 hours latter. It continued at about the rate of more then 1 line per sec of "murloc...." everything up until the realm got restarted for gameplay issues. It's got to have been started up at least 10 times already, and each time it goes on non-stop for about a day. Need to speak with anyone, someone is trying to speak to you, it's impossible without having to scroll through pages of this for every reply. And mind you, it isn't conversation which I've also been guilty of from time to time in trade; but downright channel flooding, to almost the worst degree imageanable at times.

Murlocs are old already, whoever do everyone a favor and give it a rest It's the point the only way to get through, is habitually ignore all chat in cities (though one might miss something important and it would make it next to impossible for people to get someone's attention); to not get an ear full of caps lock murloc everything and what not.

Probably the only one's who will end up hearing more of this is the GMs, as then 200 other people can be telling these people to shut up already about the murlocs with a comment of "reported". I can't blame them though after a month of it for about a half a day or so at a time. I have rarely reported people for things in the past (outside gold selling spam bots) and even I've started reporting it as spam. But I don't bother to tell them, I just do when it hits this point. Anyhow, I'm getting dinner, and perhaps seeing a movie; nuff of that
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