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Default Re: Help overclocking my quad core?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Hmm...on that subject, what is the highest speed you should realistically expect from name brand DDR2-800 memory? One of mine seems to run ok at 1098Mhz (haven't tried higher yet) and the other runs fine at 1050 but craps out at 1098. Both don't seem to like going below CAS 6 at these speeds though.

I am asking because I am thinking about going to Fry's electronics and exchanging the other stick, but it is a long drive so I am curious what I should realistically expect before I bother doing so.

Also would it be faster to run CAS 4 at 800 or CAS 6 at 1098?
The only way to know is to give it a try. Try some settings and test em in Sandra and maybe 3DM06 or a game benchmark. I found over 900Mhz on the memory the bandwidth starts to drop off a bit and there was no 'real-world' performance gain. But with a stock memory clocks (800) and tighter timings some games and apps are a little faster. The differences are quite small though really. I'd say go for CAS4 @ 800Mhz. Also running in 'Sync mode' gave me a boost of about 500Mb/s with the memory.
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