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Default Re: AquaMark3 that's pretty cool stuff

Originally posted by Hellbender
Just read the news about Aquamark 3:

Massive Development has published new documentation about their upcoming "DirectX 9" benchmark AquaMark3. The documentation covers technical information and reveals many of the special features unique to the benchmark.

The AquaMark3 Overdraw Visualisation Technique (OVIST)
The AquaMark3 Shader Visualisation Technique (SVIST)
The AquaMark3 Pixel Perfomance Measurment (PIXPM)
The AquaMark3 Tri Score System (TRISCORE)
The AquaMark3 Automated Test Technique (AUTT)

Sound pretty cool. I had a look at the docs and I really liked it. It is a great idea to visualise the overdraw of the benchmark so we can exaclty see what is going on. The coolest thing IMHO is the SVIST mode

From what I can see this benchmark will give us much more information about what is going on than other benchmarks. If I look at the quite extensive documentation which is already online I personally cant wait to get my hands on this!

looks and sounds awesome....
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