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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by G_J_S
Excuse a stupid question, what is AF and AA filtering? Where do I find the option to turn them off? Could see nothing like that in the nvidia control panel. Changed the resolution to

Even with the cheap GPU my score seems REALLY low
"Changed your resolution to???"

I still say that your score is bang on with no GPU/CPU overclocking.

These systems are -very- overclocked:
706 - Intel Core 2 Quad at 4329 MHz "You're at 2400MHz you said."
647 - Intel Core 2 Quad at 3600 MHz

What games do you play and what FPS do you get in them?
AF=Anisotropic Filtering. It makes distant textures look sharper.
AA=Anti Aliasing. "To fix lines in the game graphics so that they don't look jagged with the stair step effect". The higher resolution you run, the less you need it.

Both of those options aren't really options for you unless you're running games from 2003 or earlier "for the most part".

What are the rest of your system specs? Memory, motherboard chipset etc...
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