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Default So much life.

I'm playing for 2nd time.

So far I've noticed - Turtles, Sharks,(only bummer about the shark is you dont get to examine it very well, sucker kills you with a quickness) Fish, Butterflies, Seagulls, Frogs, Chickens, Quails. I seen a sign with a Cow or a Steer on it but never actually seen one. Was there a dead one in this game or was that something else?

I'm finding this "life" one of the coolest aspects of the game. I'm totally playing in this stealth kinda mode trying to find all I can. When I first seen the frog I was like "ok did I just see a frog?" And that made me slow down and start to examine everything. I think more dev's need to start adding this kind of stuff to games, whether it be a game based on the past, present, or future, it's a real addition to the atmosphere.

So,did I find them all or is there more?
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