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Default Re: An HDMI 1.3 MEGAreview!

Originally Posted by Ruined
UPDATE: Performance on Standard DVD, a comparison of Standard DVD deinterlacing!

With this wide array of hardware at my disposal, I have the ability to test how these units fair on standard DVD. So, with this in mind, I decided to watch some standard DVDs until I found noticable deinterlacing artifacts. I found some right at the start of the standard DVD side of "The Departed" HD DVD/DVD combo; the Warner Bros logo had obvious stairstepping.

So, when viewing this scene, I tried to view it four different ways - all scaled by the HD-A35 (ABT1018 scaler chip) but deinterlaced by different components
1) 1080p24 passed to TV from HD-A35, CineMotion off, Motion Enhancer off/ Deinterlaced by HD-A35
2) 1080i60 passed to TV from HD-A35, CineMotion Auto2, Motion Enhancer off / Deinterlaced by Sony KDS-60A3000
3) 1080p60 passed to TV from HD-A35, CineMotion Auto2, Motion Enhancer off / Deinterlaced by HD-A35
4) 1080i60 passed to DTC-9.8 from HD-A35, 1080p60 passed to TV by DTC-9.8, CineMotion Auto2, Motion Enhancer off / Deinterlaced by DTC-9.8

In short, test cases 1-3 all displayed the stairstepping while test case 4 did not. Why? Well, DVD is a much more difficult beast to deinterlace than HD DVD since you do not have native 24p stored on disc all the time; often with standard DVD there is flagging of partial field/frames in the signal. Therefore it becomes a much more difficult for the job for the deinterlacer compared to HD DVD, where the job is easy as the film is stored 24p on disc and the 60i signal is generated by the player. Since DVD is stored 480i60 on disc, in all methods the signal will be need to be deinterlaced as you cannot simply grab the native stream off the disc as with HD DVD. So methods 1 & 3 use the deinterlacer in the HD-A35 while method 2 uses the deinterlacer in the TV and method 4 uses the deinterlacer in the DTC-9.8. The acclaimed Reon chip in the DTC-9.8 did the best job of all. So, if you do not have access to a Reon chip in your pre/pro or receiver and watch a lot of standard DVD, you might want to pick up a Reon-based HD DVD player for best deinterlacing. Some popular ones are the Toshiba HD-XA2, Onkyo DV-HD805, and Samsung BD-UP5000.

In the end, for my particular setup, the best quality combined with the most convenience on ALL sources looks like it may be acquired by letting the Reon in the DTC-9.8 do the scaaling/deinterlacing work to 1080p, then pass that to the Sony where it can use its Cinemotion Auto2 technology to remove duplicate frames from the signal on film sources for 24p output.

On an unrelated note to this update, I can confirm that the DTC-9.8 does not accept 1080p over component; therefore I decided to bypass the scaler in the XBOX 360 by setting it to output its native 720p and allow the Reon to handle the scaling to 1080p; almost all 360 games are 720p and those that do support 1080p like Virtua Tennis 3 run better at 720p anyway. This seems to work well and is more convenient than running 1080p component directly to my HDTV.
Ruined, your posts make more sense then all the 1000+ replied threads over at AVS Forums. I've spent alot of time reading through AVS feeling more confused than I started.

Iv'e got a 46" XBR4 and want to understand how to properly use the features like cinemotion. What does Cinemotion Auto1 do vs Auto2 or Off?

Right now I dont have a BR or HDDVD player, I have an Explorer 8300HD (HDMI) for all HD TV viewing, a normal soft modded xbox (720p output) for watching DVD's and other media. And last my laptop (Dell XPS M1710) to play games and watch certain HD video's).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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