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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Alright. As you may know, I bought the Visiontek HD650 last night and I still can't get any of my local channels in HD! Comcast apparently has encrypted the channels and I can't get anything! If I get a connection through the cable box, the resolution goes straight down the crapper, due to the coaxial connection no doubt.

I guess that I'm going to keep the card for right now and here's the reason why. I have a small side project to do for my mom. She has a few 8MM camcorder tapes and VHS tapes she wants converted over to DVD. Also, this card does just fine with analog channels. I've been using Vista's MCE via XBOX 360, recording parts of movies and such. I really wish this would work with my HD channels, at least the basic local ones but I guess I'll have to wait until I move out (put an antenna up or something).

I'm just really surprised at Vista's MCE TBH. Everything is real easy and fast to set up, recording is nice and fast and sharing media is really easy too. Can't wait to get everything set up the way I want it!

Once I get my case and a copy of Vista in, I'll start taking pictures of all my components. Sorry for the lack of pics lol. Thanks for viewing guys! Any input will greatly be appreciated.
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