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Smile Re: AGPGART & IOMMU problem with AMD64 & FC5

Brilliant! I have been trying to solve this problem for days. I was about ready to replace my motherboard. Now the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) works and I get about 4000 FPS in glxgears!! Before I was getting ~350 FPS. Was a difference!

Thanks a lot. I owe you lots of beer,

Here are some of the keyworks that might make this solution easier for others to find:
[agp] unable to acquire AGP, error "xf86_ENODEV"
dri initialization failed
warning AGP no aperture drm failed to enable

Originally Posted by vnywn
Pressing Ctrl-F1 in BIOS enables advanced settings. You can then set the AGP aperture size (to 64MB or more). This should fix the problem.
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