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Default Re: Help overclocking my quad core?

Just noticed that on this particular memory, the OCZ lifetime warranty specifically covers up to 2.2v for overclocking purposes. I have no idea what voltage my memory currently draws though, and the bios on the D3SL only gives you the option of +.X volts. What is the most reliable way of determining what voltage my memory is currently drawing, that way I know what I can add to it?

Originally Posted by Revs
Also running in 'Sync mode' gave me a boost of about 500Mb/s with the memory.
Isn't it that only certain motherboards allow you to unlink your memory from the FSB? My memory speeds are always a multiple of my FSB (I keep mine at 3x.) CPU is of course a 10x multiple in my case. I assume that this is what is meant by "synced?"

If so I think I'll drop my memory multiplier down to 2.5x in order to use the lower latency timings. I am thinking I am going to lock it down with a 350Mhz FSB as everything seems very stable at that, and it might be realistic for me to keep my CPU cool enough like that as soon as I install my zalman.
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