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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

Sorry for abandoning you man. I was had a nice out of town weekend. I read your past couple posts and here's my input.

I've only used the firewire method with XP. I would assumed there would be issues with Vista because of the DRM **** and you appear to confirm this.

As previously known, tuner cards all suck. OTA is fine, but has a limited amount of channels. But who wants seven channels? Certainly not you or anyone else I know.

Here's the good and the bad from my experience. I can playback anything from my cable box with superior picture quality, but I don't have the channel guide on the PC. I can record anything directly to the PC, but I can't change channels while recording. I can just record with cable box's dvr and then transfer at a later time, but it usually takes several tries before I get a perfectly synced result (audio & video).

I hope you fine a Vista solution, but I honestly doubt it right now. I'd go with XP for my HTPC right now and keep my eyes peeled for Vista solutions down the road. Remember Vista is only a year old so solutions will arrive sooner or later. Although I very much doubt there will ever be any "official" solution because no one wants you recording stuff to your PC.
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