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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by Cuban_Legend
yes, is just uninstalled 2.2.3 and intalled 2.3.2.

I tried importing the same way and i still get the same exact error! :'(

BTW i'm running XP pro/32 with 93.71 for my 7950 gx2

Edit, images working now, for m last post

Please help me fix this, is it my old drivers? when i try to import any 9x.xx series profiles they work fins but 1xx.xx series drivers just wont import the nvapps.xml. Do you have this issue? What can i do to fix this...?
The driver shouldn't matter. nHancer 2.3.2 can read all nvapps.xml files up to 169.x.

Could you send me the nvapps.xml file you're trying to import please? Send it to grestorn at gmx dot net
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