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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

Originally Posted by energyman76b
If you have a running X, why do you need a framebuffer?
Professionals developing applications for Linux are usually logged to X for reading docs, the Internet, mail and desktop work.
Text consoles are test field or long term data/stats output. I usually use 4 vesafb text consoles 1024x768x8bpp and one X (same resolution but 24bpp).
In my daily life having only X is not enough (or opening several xterms in X).
There are some long term working apps you do not want to have laying around on taskbar in X for ages. You only want to jump from time to time to see how progress look (I know about fg bg jobs commands but I prefer VC switchibng as more comfortable). This is why 4 text consoles are used by me (I usually use XvMC to play DVD fullscreen when my CPU is busy processing). That is why I'm sad there is no XvMC in Geforce8 - I have to buy Geforce7 instead.

Originally Posted by energyman76b
Why is the vesa framebuffer not good enough?
* it is not accelerated
* X<->VC switching flashes screen which is ugly
* vesafb not always cowork with nvidia (however Nvidia compatibility is near perfect).
* there is no extra features you can get from nvidiafb which is conflicting with Nvidia.

Originally Posted by energyman76b
Why is text (vga) console not good enough?
This is a joke question?
"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981
"Why is text (vga) console not good enough?" - energyman76b, 2007

Originally Posted by energyman76b
Is there any driver that provides hardware accelerated 2d and 3d AND plays well with its framebuffer counterpart?
Opensource drivers.
VIA Unichrome IGP driver made by VIA.

From technical point of view there should be no problem as framebuffer driver is in kernel module. The problem with nvidia and nvidiafb modules is both try to control one device. This is not possible - that is why there is conflict and both can not be used at one time. Nvidia binary driver already uses kernel module. 95% of full frambuffer code is already present (mode setting, power management, display control, blits and fills, edid) it is just not available at console.
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