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Default Stalker, the movie...

Dated 1979, by Andrej Tarkovskij

It has everything (well, almost) S.t.a.l.k.e.r. (the game) has: it a post-apocalyptic wilderness Zone, it has metal nuts throw by "Stalkers" down a path before walking in.

By the way, the movie is based on a russian novel, Roadside Picnic, in which the Zone if full of artifacts and anomalies...

Now, first off, I have to watch the movie and read the book, as soon as I get hold of them , then, has anyone noticed any kind fo reference to either the movie or the book in the game (both in game and on the box/booklet) ?

Ok, just a little thing I just discovered that I wanted to share with you all...

Edit: Ok, nevermind, I just found a really old thread (back to 2004) about the first Stalker screenshots and in the second or third page there was a discussion about the game, the movie, and the book. My fault for not checking thoroughly the forum before posting (although noone back then cited Tarkovskij, and that's the reason why I didn't find a reference for the movie by doing a simple search)... Oh well...
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