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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

Originally Posted by energyman76b
xterm is slow and memory hungry. There are better solutions - like konsole. I usually have two konsoles with several tabs open. Every tab namend to make it easy to find the right one.

Welcome to the 21 century.
I also use konsole if I use KDE (and other terminals too). You can welcome me in 21 century when someone make full featured Linux driver. Nvidia is the nearest company to finish line. I appreciate Nvidia involvement and feature quality and completness of binary driver. However accelerated fb is one of things Linux people would be happy to find under christmas tree from green Santa Clause. I would be happy to drop vesa and nvidiafb in favor of nvidia kernel module with accelerated fb. This way I could have full accelerated X and console too.

Originally Posted by energyman76b
and you need an accelerated framebuffer for some stupid compile/encode/wtf job? Wow.
I need accelerated fb for many things. I use text console so much I sometimes never login to X. Programmers/admins used to have many tools,scripts for text console. Some of them are long running. For example on servers only nvidiafb is running to have fast console and due to incompatibility Nvidia binary driver will never be installed on such box.

If you will work longer in pure text mode you will not keep up wit VGAcon 80x25.

Originally Posted by energyman76b
and since when do you need acceleration for text-stuff?
X<->VC switching does not need to flash.
vesa worked surprisingly well for me - until I decided that even vesa fb is just overblown for something that is only used to have tar oder gcc running.
Since always. Flashing is present during mode switch - this is how hardware works - this not driver bug or software limitation. I confirm it is not so awful on Nvidia driver and works but a man can feel afraid of stability of such vesafb<->nvidia driver switch. Nothing wrong happened so far but I would feel better if only one driver (nvidia kernel module extended with console fb features) would control one hardware. It may be optional so such energyman76 will not feel abused.

Originally Posted by energyman76b
First. Bill Gates never said that. You should update your knowledge.
Second. Why is text console not good enough?
That say Microsoft PR. I do not trust them.

Originally Posted by energyman76b
And from a technical standpoint there should be a lot of problems. A partly userspace driven system (X) and a 100% kernel solution (framebuffer) fighting about the same hardware. If that does not sound fishy to you, you are beyond help.
This happens if you try to use nvidiafb and nvidia module (both kernel modules for same hardware). If nvidia module will be extended by fb feature the nvidiafb or vesafb will not be needed anymore and the conflict will be resolved because one nvidia module will be exclusive Geforce user.
The userspace nvidia X driver talks to nvidia kernel module.
By extending nvidia proprietary module with console fb features stability and compatibility will be improved because nobody will try to fill the gaps by using vesafb/nvidiafb driver.
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