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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

I confirm that open source nvidiafb is great. I have compiled it as module.
If I do not plan to use X I load nvidiafb module. If I need to use X I load nvidia module.

I do not understand why Nvidia not implemented accelerated fb in nvidia module. There is open source, fantastic, working proof of concept: nvidiafb present in any kernel 2.6 tree: /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/nvidia/
95% of code for accelerated console FB is already present in nvidia module because the same code is used for X acceleration. Console acceleration only uses very small subset of X drawing functions:
y-panning for scrolling
These functions sits in nvidia binary driver since first version when there was no nvidiafb open source module yet because they are basic accelerators for X. The nvidia fb support can be optional e.g. modprobe nvidia fb=1 fbaccel=1
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