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Well Lord, you were almost right. I am still very glad to have been born, but sad to waste money on this game. Don't ever let someone talk you into a game. Some peoples expectations are just low I guess.

My problems with the game:
  1. crappy graphics engine that runs slow and looks like balls
  2. can't enable AA without disabling the lighting which kills graphics even more
  3. ton of bugged out mobs
  4. UI is a POS with next to no customization (you figure people would try to copy WoWs customizability by now)
  5. clone system is decent idea, but current implementation is flawed
  6. crafting is a joke which you must waste skill points that could be assigned to combat skills on
  7. ton of useless items, itemization is laughable

The game is VERY generic.
If it ran better and looked better, then I could possibly hold out on some of the other flaws, but this is pure crap. I really don't see how anybody could overlook all these issues after higher quality games like WoW and EQ2 have been around. This seems like typical Korean MMO garbage. I would rather play Dungeon Runners than this.
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