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Default Re: 8600M GT+Compiz=Slow Animations and Black Window Bug

Originally Posted by shaundennie
you may be getting better performance at much higher CPU usage.
U are perfectly right. It's exactly what happens and it's a waste of frames, but it doesn't hurt that much and the performance gain was pretty big for me. Setting the refresh rate manually at maximum in compiz improved the situation a little, but not as much as disabling sync to vblank.

Originally Posted by shaundennie
Keep in mind that once you've set/unset the VBlank setting in nvidia-settings you are essentially looking at a reboot (or maybe just a module reload) before you have "purged" the old settings.
I'm loading the driver settings at boot up via "nvidia-setting -l" with a script just before I load compiz-manager and it works perfectly for me.

And sorry for the misunderstanding.. my system is a desktop computer .
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