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Default TV-out, driver and Suse 10.3.

I use Suse 10.3 (Xorg 7.2.0), a GeFortce2MX400, Nvidia driver and a PAL television via svhs (aspect ration 4:3).

When I still used suse 10.2 and nvidia driver 1.0.8774 the TV-out functioned perfectly with the nvtv utility (see I could set the TV output to 800x600 and choose just the right overscan mode.

However, the old NVidia 1.0.8774 driver does not work w/ Suse 10.3 (incompatible w/ Xorg 7.2.0?). So I installed (legacy) driver version But now the nvtv utility keeps segfaulting. When I use the nvidia-settings utility from NVidia I cannot get a proper overscan mode, nor a resolution other than "720x480" (which in fact is 640x480 in overscan mode). And the TV screen seems to be "off center" (too much to the left) and there is a small blue stripe above the movies that I play in Xine, no matter how much I zoom in Xine.

However, every now and then ye'ol nvtv utility does not crash (segfault). And when I use it, it creates an absolutely perfect image on my TV (800x600 and no blue stripes)!

Does anybody know if there is a tirck to use nvtv, or if there is a way to alter my xorg.conf so that the TV out will overscan a bit and display my desktop in 800x600 mode? Will there be better TV-out support in the NVidia driver in the near future via nvidia-settings?
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