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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

I have a lvl 70 orc, and I've seen Barrens chat. What I'm describing is far, far worse then anything I ever saw in Barrens chat. For the first time, I think the alliance there actually managed to create something which can be infinitely worse then the Barrens chat was ever renowned for.

As to buying and selling, it got so bad the other week I just had to leave town and ask a guildie to make some items from engineering that was needed for a quest turn in. Just too much.... I must say spiraling down hill is about the size of it in that one; and I have no idea what the end will be. As to carrying on any conversation, with a single chat window, impossible. A perfect example of this (though in IRC one can open other chat windows for dif channels, here it's all in 1) is if one got hours of

Brokeback murloc
My, myself, and murloc
... (after 50,000 lines of this) Will you retards shut up about the murlocs already? Reported, every one of you
MURLOC! MURLOC! MURLOC! MURLOC!.... (repeated about 50 times in a single line)
[SERVER] Due to you f***in retards (they spelled it out) spamming chat about murlocs, the realms will be turned off all night. Have a nice day you [bleep] [bleep] jerks
lol at SERVER, ooh, I'm reporting you for cursing. Take that jerk, I'll have you banned, nya, nya, nya Murloc, murloc, murloc; us murlocs will always onz joo... (with many, many hours of this flooding and back and forth between them and annoyed individuals to commence)
Now multiply that for a half a day, so often it's impossible to hold a conversation with anyone on anything, because anything typed in any chat channel is instantly scrolled off the screen before one can even see it, making conversation impossible on anything but that.

More and more people are becomming annoyed, as it goes on for ever long then, randomly starts up again now over a month; an increasing number of people filling trouble tickets with the game masters to complain about it, and the number of people sitting around and reporting every last individual who so engages with the "report spam" feature in the UI.

As Bliz wants this on a per incident basis, it means the game masters will get literally swamped with every last one of these, times the number of people reporting them. How the game masters will respond to this, if at all (and especially as the TT queue's grow substantially larger from everyone not part of this), I have no idea. All I can say in that regard is I'm an officer in one of the guildes I'm in, and there have been times in the past of "unpleasant tasks", where I have not wanted to necessarily be there at a given moment when called in for one dispute in particular for instance. That made worse, as it was 2 friends of the then guild master, who just could not get along, with him caught in the middle between friends. That was the point I was called in, and asked to take action; as them both being friends he didn't want to be the one to have to, but for the good of the guild if they wouldn't get along, action had to be taken against one. It had apperently been going on for hours, and he just could figure no way to difuse it as things just kept getting hotter up to and after the point the guild master was called in by one.

As to this, I'm disgusted with that sort of BS. Hell I've even lost friends, such as Gilthanas simply because I couldn't recognize him, and he believes otherwise; to then get that from some more then annoying channel flooders (forget simple spam). But in any case, and speaking as one who has had to step in this sort of role before though on a smaller scale; I simply would not want the game master's job in that. Headache would be putting it mild, if they have to turn around dropping every other task and simply babysit some of these people for 9 hour stretches
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