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Default Re: Did they Fix it?

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Actually tbh imo if you wanna talk about "skill" in this game the one class that takes skill is the hunter. Not so much in leveling and in AV maybe, but certainly in 1vs1 situations(more so for MM hunters), arena for sure, wsg and ab to a certain extent and certainly in manipulating your shot rotation and pet attacks in instances to keep your dps up.
Even some of the things I pulled off in leveling a hunter, such as soloing lvl 50 quests at lvl 43 takes a degree of skill. This really is no small task if one thinks about it. Yes on my rogue (who is now lvl 68) I would not have attemped this (though some things like starting pre-instance kara attunement at 68 I have done on rogue without party) and here I am talking about soloing stuff on both accounts, but if you think about the challenges involved:

- For the pet to tank, it's having to melee mobs about 7-8 lvls over it's level. This is no trivial task, which is why melee guys have trouble attacking over such a lvl spread. The chance to hit, without getting misses, parried, and dodged becomes extreme (for the pet no less then anything else melee).

- The consequences that has on agro, and specifically trying to DPS the mob down, while keeping agro below something that has a poor chance to hit, and misses most attacks. There are things like feign and on the BM tree intimidation to manipulate agro some, both on cooldowns of course. One really has to manipulate agro quite a bit.

Arguably more so then with a proper tank who is geared, in a better possition to be able to hit, and can generate agro fairly well in the situation

- Now throw the need to attack while mending, and not pulling healing agro (when I did it, was before the newer mend pet, so one couldn't attack and heal when I was pulling this off)... It came down to a matter of timing, though after my first hunter (I have my main and a, had always been less geared newer orc hunter) a threat meter helps immensly.

- As we'd all know, agro pull increases the lower one's lvl is against mobs. It takes some extremely careful pulling to fetch mobs about 8 lvls over some, not agro what is not intended with such a fricken huge agro radius one must constantly be aware of, and then pull the mobs far enough, not to get another wandering pat/mob come upon one.

This while also dropping agro as intended, against some chances to resist (goes up with a level disparity in soloing "red" quests). Fun in a way, for a reason different then going as lvl 70 and trashing mobs in BRD or something, but not without it's own challenges.

If nothing else, and with a 63 warrior and 68 rogue now; pulling mobs and being able to carefully extract things, does come in handy. As does knowing "oh that one will agro if I don't pull it first", or working out the positioning to pull something some others might not be sure is possible till they see one pull it off.
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