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Default [169.04] colour problem with kaffeine


when I installed the 169.04 driver kaffeine would mess up colours on first start (kinda blueish). When I change the output driver to anything else (for example from xv to auto or back) the colours are normal again. When I leave kaffeine open and load a new video, everything is ok, if I close kaffeine and restart with a new video, the colours are messed up again.

The problem does not occur in xine (or any other player I tried), but when googling the problem, I found similar problems with totem, which also uses xine-engine.

I have downgraded the driver back to 100.14.19 and everything is normal again. I have a 8800gts, kaffeine 0.8.5, debian lenny/sid with 2.6.22 kernel. I cannot provide a nvidia-bug-report atm.
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