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Haven't read through it all yet...but so far my BS radar is going off already I'll edit this post when I finish the article.

edit: Ok, I finished the article. I think it was well written, although I think some of "facts" about the whole 3dmark03 debacle were not represented properly.

Specifically, there is no mention that while Futuremark calls nvidias cheats optimizations now, they still say that the optimizations are NOT valid for the benchmark.

Also, fails to mention that it is a FACT that nvidia lowered quality in the shaders, and this was proven by 3rd parties like B3D. ATI had nothing to do with exposing the famed 3dmark03 cheats that were defeated by the 3dmark03 330 patch. They did tip off website(s) to the 3dmurk03 AF issue. Quite frankly I think that's good. Better that we know about cheats than stay in the dark.

I thought the few ending pages were insightful enough.

Note: clipping planes(used in 3dmark03 and maybe other places) have absolutely nothing to do with occulusion culling. Tom's got this right too )
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