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Default Re: nVidia scaling not working with DVI/HDMI

Originally Posted by AdamK47
I recently bought a Samsung 32" 720p TV with a native resolution of 1366x768 (1360x768 in Windows). I'm using HDMI with a DVI to HDMI adapter. I can see the options for flat panel scaling in the nVidia control panel. I don't want the panel to scale to widescreen with 1024x768 games. I want it centered, so I select "Do not scale" and hit apply. After I click on Yes it goes back to "Use displays built in scaling". Any option I select it goes back to "Use displays built in scaling". What's wrong here?

Specs here.
Yeah this is annoying. I have gotten this to work sometimes by doing a lot of screwing around, but everytime I upgrade the driver I have to do it all over again and it is extremely frustrating. Nvidia needs to fix this, and on top of it all, add a mode that does even scaling with best fit that doesn't add any blurring.

This would be such a simple thing to do, but WHY DOESN'T NVIDIA DO IT?
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