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Default QX6700 & Maximus Formula SE OC Question

Ok I finally got around to see what this baby can do, and as a OC noob I came up with this.
What do you guys think of this setup and what improvements does it need ?

Thanks for any input

Processor: QX6700
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus Formula SE - BIOS 401 (stock BIOS that came with the board)
Windows Vista Ultimate x86 with Service Pack 1 installed, fully updated.
BFG 8800 GTX OC - Driver 169.01

I was shooting for a 3.6 Ghz OC.
At first I was working with Ratio of 8 and FSB Freq of 450 but that would not seem to work.
At CPU Voltage of 1.5v I just tried 9 x 400 and that did the trick.
This has been stable now for 5 hours or so with no problems.

Highest temps I saw was when running 3DMark06 was 51c.
Another question is which temps are the actual temps ?
As you can see Everest reports what appears to be a general CPU temp, then each CPU core temp.
Also of note: with no OC and just stock settings Everest will report a CPU: 17c-19c normal load.

Oh as you can see that I have the power saver function turned on.
So the Everest CPUID is reporting what it does when you have no activity, it drops the Multi down to 6.
CPUZ is reporting the acutal Multi that is set in the BIOS when it kicks in.

My BIOS settings:
CPU Feature
Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]
OC From CPU Level Up [Auto]
CPU Ratio Control [Manual]
Ratio CMOS Setting: [9]
FSB Frequency [400]
FSB Strap to North Bridge [400MHz]
PCIE Frequency [100]
DRAM Settings
DRAM Frequency [Auto]
DRAM Command Rate [2T]
DRAM Timing Control [Auto]
DRAM Static Read Control [Disabled]
Ai Clock Twister [Light]
Transaction Booster [Enabled]
Boost Level [0]
Voltage Settings
CPU Voltage [1.5v]
CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]
North Bridge Voltage [1.49v]
DRAM Voltage [2.2v]
FSB Termination Voltage [1.4v]
South Bridge Voltage [Auto]
Loadline Calibration [Enabled]
CPU GTL Reference [0.63x]
North Bridge GTL Reference [0.67x]
DDR2 Channel A REF Voltage [Auto]
DDR2 Channel B REF Voltage [Auto]
DDR2 Controller REF Voltage [DDR2_REF]
SB 1.5V Voltage [Auto]
CPU Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
PCIE Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

New Build Coming Soon
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