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Default X hangs when accessing second nVidia card

I have two nVidia card in my system (GeForce 7300 GT and GeForce 8600 GTS). If I use only first one launching one X screen, everything is fine but when I try to load two screens, the system hangs (I can see logo on the first screen but nothing on the other).

I played around with xorg.conf but no change (I used xorg.conf generated by nvidia-settings during logging).

I have upgraded the BIOS to the latest version (mobo MSI P965 Platinum).

I tried both stable and beta version of the nvidia driver (100.14.19 and 169.04).

I tried to switch off SMP (idle=poll maxcpus=1 boot arg).

I tried to install 32-bit system.

I tried to switch the BIOS settings so that the system would launch on the second monitor. I can launch X on the first screen but if I try launching on the second screen or to try dual-screen configuration the system hangs again.

I am attaching two nvidia-bug-report.log files. one is for the succesful single screen configuration and the second one for the two screens config (I had to log in remotely because there is no local access possible after I run startx -- -logverbose 6). The system would not even poweroff or reboot. I had to switch the power off.

Any ideas really appreciated.
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