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Default Re: Did they Fix it?

I've playd lots of wow. I'm currently clearing kara, gruul, and will do mags when we actually get enough darn locks. ^^ I also have the main 3 expansions of GW. GW is easily the more balanced game.

I will forgive you because factions was probably the worst of the 3, it levels you to fast (And the mob levels inbetween noobe island and the mainland are huge) and it does not hand you many of your spells via quest, instead it mearly wants you to buy them. This IMO is the worst way to introduce someone to the game. Anyways, Guildwars gives you only 8 slots, but the number of overall spells and WHAT THEY DO are all very powerful. Imagin if Everquest or WoW gave the healing class a spell that reduced all damage incoming to do no more then %10 of your health? Not only would end game encounters become cake walk, but pretty much any class that could pull agro could tank, regardless of armor. However in guildwars, its not overpowered at all.

The thing that sets guildwars above all else is that a person, a class, can defend against and probably take down any other class, either with skills available to him, or utilizing the skills of a secondary class. A monk healer can do as much damage as a wizard if he specs for it. Also thanks to weapons and armor being somewhat standardized cause theres no such thing as uber swords that drop from the resident boss mobs that only well organized guilds can kill, the difference between you and your opponent is down to your skill and the choice of spells you brought into the match. This is what makes PvP in GW so superior.

Unfortunatly I don't like guild wars as an end game, mainly because you CAN'T spend time camping for better armors or weapons. the new end game expansion introduces end game dungeons like we have seen in wow and EQ, but its still not the same I dont think (I dont have it, prolly wont until it hits bargain bin). For one, I have never been able to control monsters like I can in WoW. Its almost as if theres no such thing as agro. I mean every single time I pull some mobs with one wand hit, it will continue to persue me even after my group starts wailing on it. Also theres not really any CC, so you fight what you agro..and groups of mobs can be quite large. As a healer, this is a night mare to heal when everyone is taking damage every single fight. So as a PvE game, I like WoW much better. That said, Guildwars makes for a great laptop game to kill some time. low requirements, you can copy it to any computer without needing to reinstall it, and no monthly fees to keep track of. Just an internet connection. You can hop around the world instantly and if theres no guldies who want to play, you can make a capable group using henchmen, and heros (heros are escentualy computer controlled players that you can buy spells for, tell em which ones to equip and use, and equipem with weapons of your choice). All good.
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