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Default Re: High settings 1920x1200 30fps?

I've noticed a decent jump in MP on "Shore", with the previous driver (.09) with all settings on high. Previously there was some strange stuttering (in DX10) when I looked from the sub towards the factory and that is all gone with the new drivers. At the SP (Contact level) the difference is a little smaller maybe 2 or 3 frames in the average better but I never noticed the stuttering in SP with the .09 drivers anyway.

A few comparision screenshots with the 169.21 drivers at 1080p (no AA, no AF, no O/C)

Vista 64 - DX9 - 29.6fps - all settings on "high" (169.21)

Vista 64 - DX10 - 29.7fps - all settings on "high" (169.21)

Basically NO performance difference in Vista between DX9 and DX10 when all settings are on "high" inside the game!

XP32 - DX9 - 32.8fps - all settings on "high", no config (169.13) (notice the low-res mountains as proof)

It's not a proper comparision since the drivers are 169.13, I will test the 169.21s in XP tomorrow.

XP32 - DX9 - 32.8fps - all settings on "high", disabled texture streaming (169.13) (notice the high-res mountains)

No performance hit by adding "r_TexturesStreaming=0" to an empty system.cfg


The "very high" battle

Vista 64 - DX10 - 18.2fps - all settings on "very high" inside the game (169.21)

Full motionblur (higher quality general blur + object blur), "very high" DoF

XP32 - DX9 - 23.9fps - custom "very high" config (Gaco 1.01) (169.13)

The custom config has regular motion blur (no object blur, lower quality general blur) and regular DoF that doesn't add depth blur to the mountains in the distance and somewhat lower quality shadows (less blur compared to the "veryhigh" DX10 screenshot)

XP32 - DX9 - 21.8fps - custom "very high" config (Gaco 1.01) (169.13)

Added object blur and the "veryhigh" DoF but I don't know how to add "very high" shadows and don't know if Gaco left out any settings that might be at the regular "veryhigh" ingame settings in DX10.

Edit: Added comparison of disabled texture streaming on XP32.

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