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Default Re: PCM vs Bitstream over Optical (A3)?

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Well the better sound quality will be PCM... but it depends on if you want discrete surround, or ProLogic. Try both and see which you prefer.
That really really really depends on the source audio. If we are talking about a real-time encode, then yeah PCM will probably be better. However if we are talking about a studio master encode then DD will more than likely trash PCM overall.

Yes, PCM will have overall better sounding highs, however you are really going to kill the low frequency effects since they are going to be mixed in with everything else causing you to rely more on your crossovers which won't quite replicate what the sound engineer intended. That, and discrete audio sounds a hell of a lot better than prologic.

Given that HD-DVD's include both a DD and DD+ track, I would say go with that, and use DD+ if your receiver supports it. In fact, better yet, use DTS if the disc has it, as that will trash any of the lossy dolby formats.
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