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Default Best way to lower ambient temps?

I noticed that my motherboard reports 57C ambient temp, and video card reports 64C ambient. This is way too high. Ironically enough, my CPU runs cooler than that, so I have a feeling that this is probably nothing but an airflow issue inside of the case, and my guess is that I can probably do something to improve this cheaply.

Problem is, I am not sure what exactly.

For starters, I have an aluminum case. Also I already have one 120mm fan blowing in front near the bottom, though it is somewhat obstructed by the hard disks that it is blowing directly on to. And I have a 120mm fan in the back near the top by the PSU. On top of those two, I have an 80mm fan blowing inward directly on top of the Zalman 9500 cooler I am using.

There shouldn't be any issues with cables blocking much as I don't use any ribbon cables, and they are tucked away inside of the drive bays. I figure even though the front fan is blowing directly on to the hard disks, there should be enough air flow to prevent the GPU from reading 64C ambient. What am I doing wrong here?
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