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Default Overlay Freeze on video mirroring

Hi people,

Let's see if I can explain myself...

I've got detonator 40.41 installed on my system, and I've got configured video mirroring to show overlay full screen on secondary display (normal TV).

The problem is that with some programs, instead of showing full-screen, it just shows nothing... If i double-click the overlay window, the secondary shows at fullscreen but just for a few ms, after that it freezes... If I double-click again, the same happens... I can see freezed frame of whatever I was watching...

I've seen that WMP works, BSPlayer works, and any TV software, as K!TV, works... But I've got a PCSAT card, and any of the TVSAT programs I've tried works... żżż???

I remember to have these kind of problems prior to 40.41, and not only in TVSAT programs... I've tried to change resolutions, colordepth, and any setting related to overlay on TVSAT programs... This evening I'll roll back to 30.x to see if it's a problem of the nVidia ż?

Well... If you've experimented these problems and knows what's happening... XD I'll be by here...

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