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I've checked everything. I run 1680x1050 and it looks like crap. You can not run AA with Deferred Lighting, period. I refuse to play any game with jaggies. I didn't buy an 8800 to see jaggies.

The game still has a ton of useless, bugged crap in it. There is still no endgame. It's just a shooter fest. I feel much better playing TF2 than this pile. Why would anyone want to work through a buggy, junky looking game when their is no endgame objective and no class balance to boot? Every class has something bugged or useless.

The game is typical Korean MMO trash. WoW has set the benchmark for new MMOs to achieve. This game doesn't even come close. You better believe the 'next big thing' will. How does Lord British expect to sell this crap? He needs to pull his head out of his ass and team with someone better than NCSoft for one. And for two, he needs to quit thinking he's the king because of UO. The reason they put his name on the box is to try to sell it, without it, nobody would have went for it.
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