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Default Re: Did they Fix it?

Son, say what? Ok, now I know many of the peeps in my guild dual spec for pvp and pve. Rarly do we make someone respec mid raid, or more then once. infact we dont force anyone to respec, although obviously we arnt going to bring you along as an arms warrior if we need a tank. Its also down to gear sets, some people have multiple sets, some don't. My priest hasnt really been targeted to go shadow and I don't really have a dps gear set (Got rid of my solo dps set when 2.3 patch made my healing set did more damage) but most of our dps warriors also have a tanking set too. And if we find we need shadow priest then my guild will help get me dps gear.

And nobody I know resets gems. If a piece of equipment's default stats is good for 2 specs, then the gems inside it are not going to make a big enough difference. If an encounter even remotely comes down to gems, your winning it by shear luck. Frankly if you are in this situation, you should use gems that are good for both specs.
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